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Datatool provides cost effective, customized training and software development in MATLABŪ for data visualization and analysis.

MATLAB training

Datatool specializes in onsite MATLAB training classes scheduled at your convenience. These classes emphasize effective modern development methods and data analysis techniques. They will help you become more productive and produce higher quality software. They provide practical content that will save you time and effort immediately and help you avoid mistakes in the future.

These training seminars cover both how to program in MATLAB and the best practices that work most often in real projects. And I support you after the class so that you are sure to apply what you've learned.

MATLAB software

I can provide cost effective, high quality software to meet your needs. I can assist you in the full development process from requirements definition to deployment. You will be able to use the software rather than spend time and effort developing it.

MATLAB consulting

As a consultant I can work with you to adopt and use best practices for MATLAB development that are tailored to your needs, Using these practices will result in better software quality, increased productivity, and greater project predictability. I will provide the support and practical guidance that will help you be successful.

MATLAB Resources

I wrote the book on MATLAB style! Using The Elements of MATLAB Style will help you produce code that is more likely to be correct, understandable, sharable and maintainable.

Agile Programming is becoming a standard methodology in software development, but it is new to many MATLAB programmers. Test-Driven Development is one of the core agile practices, and it is discussed in  MATLAB and TDD.

MATLAB provides several array types that you can use to hold data. Which type do you use when? MATLAB Data Containers provides guidelines and examples.