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MATLAB development

Datatool provides consulting and contract services to customize and enhance MATLAB code to meet your specific analysis and graphing needs. I work with you to design and implement your custom solution. I will follow your standard services agreement, including intellectual property terms. Contact us to obtain a quote for a specific task, or to learn more about our services.

Datatool applies proven methodology and best practices to help you achieve predictable and measurable results and competitive advantage within time, budget and functional constraints. Get MATLAB software that you will use.

Typical development tasks include: 

  • Working with you to define core requirements.
  • Developing the high level design and external interfaces.
  • Developing professional level code modules.
  • Developing and implementing suitable algorithms.
  • Developing a full suite of test code.
  • Writing core documentation.

    Application specialties include:

    • Time series analysis
    • Statistical computation and assessment
    • Higher dimensional visualization
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Data scrubbing and mining
    • Transitioning from Excel
    • Automated data analysis
    • Custom graphics

    Client feedback

    "I'm very impressed indeed." Sergei Gepshtein, University of California, Berkley

    "It's the basis of all the work we do." Jon Hayenga, Micronics

    "Magnificent job." Diego Holmgren, San Francisco State University

    "Your code is running great, and I'm using it all the time." David Holtkamp, Los Alamos National Laboratory

    "It has been a pleasure working with you." David Vaughnn, August Technologies

    "I use it every day." James Yang, Bridgewater Associates

    Get quality MATLAB software tailored to your needs. Contact Datatool today.